Wannaku Method – Weight Loss Secret

I hope you have already heard about the Wannaku Method. Wannaku Method (#wannakumethod) is a weight control and blood sugar control diet program introduced by Dr. Janaka Wannaku. It is based on intermittent fasting and low carbohydrate diet practices which are popular all around the world. Dr. Wannaku has given Sri Lankan favor to these techniques since there are cultural differences in the main food habits. It also involves an exercise routine to support the health benefits of dieting. There are enough testimonials found on social media about the success of Wannaku Method.


What are Wannakumethod Guides?

Dr. Janaka Wannaku has made his advice for weight loss and control of non-communicable diseases available on social media. His successful Facebook group wannakumethod has 282k + members at the time of this writing. The group members share their success stories and also their diet plates in this social community encouraging others to start wannakumethod – a journey for a healthy life through diet and exercise.


The wannakumethod guides are free to use. Wannakumethod is not a low-calorie dieting program but it is a high-calorie low carbohydrate diet. Interestingly, most of the foods that were rejected by most of the health advisers are recommended in wannakumethod diet. However, it is a very simple method with a simple meal plan.


Foods that you can eat in Wannakumethod?

As I said wannakumethod has given Sri Lankan favor to intermittent fasting and low-carb diets. The most recommended foods to eat are as follows.


  • Coconut sambal
  • Meat (Chicken, Pork, Beef)
  • Fish
  • Curd
  • Eggs
  • Butter
  • Coconut oil

The above foods are identified as super seven by Dr. Wannaku and encourage you to eat as much as possible. Since the aim of this article is only to introduce the wannakumethod and where to find help (wannakumethod guides), I am not going to elaborate much about the diet here. However, I am sure you are already excited to know about this method since it is completely different from the usual advice we get for weight control.



If you are ready to follow wannakumethod, it is important that you follow the advice properly. It is important that you start practicing intermittent fasting gradually. The answer to the unavoidable question “will I get gastritis?” is that it does not cause gastritis if you follow the instruction properly.


It is also notable that wannakumethod advises us to finish eating by seven at night and to sleep before 10.00 pm. These are aspects that we never thought as important for weight loss. Further, to get the maximum benefit it is important to stop other bad behaviors such as drinking alcohol and smoking.


Should you meet Dr. Wannaku?

Even though it is not really compulsory, you can meet Dr. Janaka Wannaku to get personalized advice. While the common social media advice will provide general advice to people with illnesses and others with complicated issues might be better to get personalized advice. The contact methods are provided in the wannakumethod facebook page.


You should take the advice given here as a piece of general health information and it should never replace the advice from a professional. We intended to share the existence of a very popular weight control method and Lanka Help is not affiliated with this program or the doctor.


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