External Pharmacist Courses in Sri Lanka

It is vital to obtain a qualification as a pharmacist to practice in this profession in Sri Lanka. Pharmacists are entitled to issue prescribed medications by doctors and to run their pharmacies with the necessary approval from the National Medicines Regulation Authority (NMRA). There are two recognized paths to becoming a pharmacist in Sri Lanka.


The first pathway is very straightforward. It is a university degree, and few universities in Sri Lanka are issuing the Bachelor Pharmacy (B.Pharm) degree in Sri Lanka. The University of Sri Jayawardanapura is such a place. However, the Advance Level Examination results decide to get selected to a university in Sri Lanka. Further, the subject stream you followed at the Advance Level is also considered in the university selection process. It is a very competitive exam, and only a limited number of seats are available each year in these courses.


The other route to becoming a pharmacist in Sri Lanka is sitting for External Pharmacist Examination conducted by the Ceylon Medical College Council. This exam has three components. The written exam constitutes forty MCQs and five essays. The second component is a practical exam in the form of an OSCE. The third component is the viva examination, where apprentice training records and other skill-testing are evaluated.


The external pharmacist examination needs on-the-job training as an apprentice for a minimum of two years. However, improving the subject’s knowledge is essential to succeed in this examination. The apprentice training aims to make the candidate self-sufficient and competent in running a retail pharmacy. While there is no upper age limit to take this exam, candidates should be over 18 years to be eligible to apply. Further, there are specific education qualifications listed, including English language proficiency with a pass in English at the Ordinary Level Examination and in the biology stream. It is essential to have passed chemistry on the AL exam.


The Ceylon Medical Council has issued external Pharmacist Apprentice Preparation Courses regulations. Qualified pharmacists conduct physical and online courses in Sri Lanka.


We (Lanka Help) would like to guide the potential candidates on this page. We have also listed the external pharmacist courses below. Please note that we do not have any affiliation with these courses and you should select the course at your discretion after carefully evaluating them.


Madara Siriwardana Pharmacy Academy.


This course is conducted by a qualified pharmacist and a lecturer in pharmacy Ms. Madara Siriwardana. She conducts both physical classes and online classes. The online classes start after 7.30 pm, making it possible for working people to follow this course. This is an exam-oriented course with MCQ, SEQ, Practical, and Viva training from the very first day.


For more details, please visit the following page. Madara Siriwardana Pharmacy Academy


Please stay tuned for more of these course listings here.


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