Your views about “Chaura Rajina – Bandit Queen” Book ?

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Add your views and comments about Victor Iven’s “Chaura Rajini” book here. I read this book for the first time when I saw this online. While I was reading the book I had many thoughts that I would like to share. So I am creating this question here for you to comment about the book and content of the book.

I agree with most part of the Victor Iven’s book. At the same time I have share most of the ideas given in the book. One thing is that Mrs. Chandrika Bandaranayaka has failed to do any mega project in Sri lanka unlike other Sri Lankan presidents. I also agree that She is not the one who finish the terror and corruption in the country.

Most of the facts given in the book is convincing and I would like to know your views about the book.

One thought on “Your views about “Chaura Rajina – Bandit Queen” Book ?”

  1. I agree the content of the book is very much convincing. But it was Victor Ivon who played a major role in bringing Chandrika to power. Like wise JVP was the major force behind President Mahinda Rajapaksha’s victory.

    I agree that CHandrika has not done any major project during her ruling and by the time president D.B. Wijethunga was the president, there was no terror in the country.

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