Will there be peace and prosperity in Sri Lanka?

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With the major war against terror in Sri Lanka coming closer to its end, there are new hopes of prosperity for the entire country. What do you think? Will there be peace and harmony as it used to be about 30years ago? What is needed for people to start trusting each other and bring development to the entire country, which had been the paradise of Indian Ocean.

Is there anything you can suggest to make it happen? Can you help?

6 thoughts on “Will there be peace and prosperity in Sri Lanka?”

  1. Rye says:

    I sure do hope so

  2. rotorhead says:

    Not in my lifetime. And I should be good for at least another 30 years.

  3. MJB says:

    I hope Sri Lanka really figures its stuff out. It is a beautiful island, nice people, fantastic wildlife and I’d love to see it back at the top end of world destinations.

    Good luck to it.

  4. laughalotprayalot says:

    Let me tell you, get your head out of the bag and 30yrs ago is gone. The peace will come, when Jesus returns, read your Bible and you will see, there are wars and rumors of wars, that is in the Bible. False peace comes with the anti-christ. Then 7yrs later peace comes when Jesus returns and NOT BEFORE> I promise you, but what do my promises mean,
    Go read the Bible.

  5. christopher.white1982 says:

    boop how are your doctors visits going there buddy.(you stupid fuck)
    you are embarrassing the rest of us white people. how can we have idiots like you in our race is beond me. i would like to apologize to everyone one his behalf, it is not his fault that a brother and sister fell in love. its really amazing that he made it considering that they had to remove his tail, third arm, and he was born blue skinned. by the way how are the rest of the fuget clan fairing now days.

    anyway to the question i hope so but that is all one can really do hell it may be over tomorrow or it may last 1000 years.

  6. Disco SuperFly says:

    I sure hope so. This war has been going on my whole life but it was only ever “real” to me on the days there were bomb blasts, or more recently, nights like tonight with blackouts, sounds of explosions and anti-aircraft fire lighting up the sky.

    I think the president is right (the one and only thing i even vaguely agree with him on) to be firm on the LTTE and bombarding them until they just can’t take it anymore. Whatever the international community says, this war cannot have a political solution. It must be military. But the thing is, clearing the LTTE-controlled areas is not enough. We need to welcome the minorities and fix the problem that started this whole war in the first place.

    The constitution should be amended to give minorities more say, and political parties that promote certain races should be disqualified (like the JHU). Also, legislation like the Anti-conversion Bill should never see the light of day. It’s things like these which look to take the freedoms and rights of the minorities that started this whole mess. I’m sinhalese myself but that doesn’t mean i want the sinhala race to rule to the exclusion of all other races.

    Development should start in the North. We need to show the people there who have grown up thinking Sinhalese people are the enemy that we’re just like them and are not out to get them. They need to be reverse-brainwashed (if there is such a thing) to get rid of all the lies the rebels have instilled in them.

    It’s going to take time and even though the ‘big’ war is going to end soon, there will still be intermittent violence from small rebel groups.
    I’m doubtful that that will ever end. Until the president and his government sees that the minorities are important and should be protected, there will never be absolute peace or prosperity here.

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