Why USA not sell F series fighter plans to sri lanka?

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Why USA did not sell F series fighter plans to sri lanka? Then why sell f35 to turkey. Turkey is muslim country.

6 thoughts on “Why USA not sell F series fighter plans to sri lanka?”

  1. meinsla says:

    What has Sri Lanka ever done for us?

    Who cares if Turkey is a muslim country or not? They’re an ally, and that’s all that matters.

  2. Rousseau says:

    Probably because of the security situation and unrest in Sri Lanka, the US fears that valuable military technology could fall into the wrong hands. The US would not want any of its fighter jets to be had by the Tamil Tigers.

  3. chestypullerlives says:

    Can they pay for them? Aren’t they one of the countries to whom we give Mil Aid?

    Doesn’t Sri Lanka (aka Ceylon) have a arms control problem – like they can’t keep tabs on their aircraft. Last I heard the Tamil Tigers (Rebels) have a couple of Airbases. Be easy to steal a top shelf combat aircraft as lacking in security as SL has become.

    The rate and lethality of attacks on Hotels where Americans stay has always astonished me.

    How about some F-4Es, OV-10As? Israel might have some surplus that we ‘gave’ them.

  4. Pro Bush says:

    well there are many many reason….i’ll just point out few.
    first of all..US is not interested to sell 5 or 6 planes to a small country.
    sri lanka cannot afford more than 10 american planes…. so my guess is that they probably don’t want to buy US made plans.
    US would only sell a hand full of planes to countries who are really valuable to the national interest…..like pakistan.

  5. nnnewt says:

    There’s a military base in Turkey, we have are eye on them

  6. Nipuna G says:

    I think that it is because the us of a dont want their technology to be available for every one(which is of cause fair) and there is no way that srilanka can afford such fighters

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