Why Jayantha Katagoda had to sworn in and preferential vote list colombo.

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My question is related to the Mr. jayantha Katagoda decision to sworn in for the parliamentary position of Sarath Fonseka. Earlier Luxman Nipunaarachchi from JVP did not accept the seat vacated by General Sarath Fonseka. Then the next in the preferential vote list, Mr. Jayantha Katagoda was called to take up the position by election commissioner. If Mr. Katagoda did not accept the seat it would have gone to the next one in the preferential vote list.
Jayantha Katagoda is a former parliamentarian from UNP and he was also a teledrama actor. He is someone very loyal to General Sarath Fonseka.
I wonder whether there was any other reason for Democratic national Alliance to allow Jayantha Katagoda to take up the seat. I want to know who is there after Jayantha Katagoda in the preferential vote list in last election. I think DNA took this decision because of the risk that the seat may go to some one who is not loyal to general Fonseka.
If anybody have the preferential vote list of the colombo district at last election, please post here. Specially the list for Democratic National Alliance.

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  1. Krishantha says:

    It is Mr. Sanjeewa Kadanaarachchi who is there in the preferential vote list after Jayantha Katagoda. Following is how Democratic National Alliance candidates got preferential votes.
    1. General Sarath Fonseka (Sarath Chandralal Fonseka) – 98456
    2. Sunil Haduneththi – 78126

    Above two were selected to parliament initially.

    3. Lakshman Nipunaarachchi – 35852
    4. Ketagoda Gamage Jayantha Perera (Jayantha Katagoda) – 22, 193

    These two were the candidates who got a chance to fill Sarath Fonseka’s seat.

    5. Sanjeewa Kadanaarachchi – 6274
    This is the one who would have got the chance if Jayantha Katagoda did not accept the position. He is a former army officer. I do not know whether he still supports General Sarath Fonseka or whether there is any change of loyalty.

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