Why are the buddhist monks in Sri Lanka responsible for most of the violencee in that country?

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When i was travelling through Sri lanka i saw how these buddhist monks were in sighting the Singhalese buddhists to take up violence against the minority Hindu tamils, muslims and christians

What happened to the mantra that we are always forced to accept that buddhism is peaceful?

11 thoughts on “Why are the buddhist monks in Sri Lanka responsible for most of the violencee in that country?”

  1. Priรciℓℓα ☼ says:

    Our culture romanticizes Buddhism as a means of critiquing our own religious history.

    I rarely trust what I hear a rich white yuppie insist about Buddhism.

    Better to learn about it from the culture it blossoms from.

  2. Jack says:

    You’re incorrect and wrong, it’s not the Theravada Buddhist Monks who are causing the trouble, it seems to be the Tamil separatists who are perpetrating the violence. Buddhism is totally peaceful, and the monks in Sri Lanka are not violent or causing violence, nor are they causing violence anywhere else.

  3. tonks_op says:

    I find that difficult to believe. Do you have a link for information about that. I have respect for the Buddhist as people of peace.

  4. docjp says:

    All religions and sects are subject to being drawn off course. Life is a battle against ones own MIND, which one cannot perceive, and thus, even thouse who would otherwise be peaceful can be turned by fear, greed, or envy. The lesson is simple. Judge not least ye be judged, and remain deep within ones heart, waiting for god. This world is a pit, and anyone at anytime can be pulled into the pit and drowned.


  5. Max P says:

    Iranian Princess, I personally can’t believe what you said. As a Buddhist, we’re always encouraged to examine what people said. People’s intentions may vary when they present a statement. Some statements may have been distorted with some spices. So, if you have any video or link that proves what you said, I’d really glad to watch.

    For the record, Monks are still humans who’re training themselves. And, it cannot be guaranteed that they are free from mistakes sometimes. And, that’s why they train themselves by becoming monks. If they’re monks, they’re not automatically perfect. Most Buddhists try the best they can to be peaceful. Mistakes and differences are parts of life. Why are we so harsh to oneself and others when we all need to train ourselves to become good people? As humans (regardless of races or religions), we need to train to forgive ourselves and others. In this case, Buddhists also try the best they can to do it. I’m sure people with different beliefs also try to be as good as they can.

  6. Muhammad the teddy bear says:

    umm?? Give me the source that you refer. If so they are not true Theravada buddhist monks. Note that the majority might not do like you say. Buddhist monks are not allowed to kill or torture even a single life according to Vinaya. If everything you said are true, they are not real monks but lay people who wear the yellow cloth because when a monk committed a big sin according to Vinaya, he must discard his monk hood.

  7. David I says:

    Buddhists seem to me have started peaceful, and some have become angry and violent in retaliation

    and Buddah i have it too predicted the comming of Jesus to forgive sins, which he said he needed too.

    they need the message of salvation and true love, and the free gift of that salvation they cant earn but have to accept Jesus into heart;

    Romans 5:8,6:23 and Revelation=
    3:19&20 to pray
    Help me Jesus I am sorry for my sins, even 1 lie, come into my heart and be my best friend, amen.”

    glad to meet you again i await ur e mail back too….
    to a bad thought pray inside “The blood of Jesus rebuke you” and put in a good thought Philippians 4:8

    and a prayer; Lord if i am not willing to do your will change my will so i will be willing to do it, amen in Jesus name

    be a witness to the Jew first (Isaiah 52:13-53:12 to be exalted but first marred more than any man and to die rejected as a lamb for our sins)
    Leviticus 17:11 blood atonement needed to forgive sins

    Romans 5:8,6:23 and Revelation=
    3:19&20 to pray
    Help me Jesus I am sorry for my sins, even 1 lie, come into my heart and be my best friend, amen.”

  8. indian_cowboy says:

    We have to go back to philosophy to treat things as they are. We are suffering from our own karma. It is not the fault of God. What we do is our own fault, nothing else. Why should God be blamed?

  9. Mawkish says:

    The Buddha taught Ahimsa. It’s a shame some followers don’t understand… but it’s their karma.

  10. ayeka says:

    i live in sri lanka. ive never ever seen this happen. if you havent heard, buddhist monks are peaceful people. they don’t act violently, and are not racists eitherso they dont attack the “minority” tamils.
    you must be mistaking the fact that the “minority” tamils kill sri lankan people all the time and even massacred a bus load of child-monks and chopped them up during the 80’s.

  11. denissnowy says:

    There may be cases of Buddist monks inciting violence but I think these are rare and not in keeping with their religion. Same happens with Christians Moslems and Hindus. There are Hindu extremists who kill Christian missionaries, Christians converted poor hapless savages by fire etc.

    The Tamil Tigers are responsible for much of the violence, whether they are freedom fighters or terrorists depends on your perspective.

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