Why are Sri Lanka and India not one country?

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Particularly, why are south Indians and Sri Lankans not friendly towards each other? I’m not familiar with the history of Sri Lanka so could you enlighten me as to the source of the hostility between the two nations?
Webcris – I thought the majority of Sri Lankans were Buddhist?

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  1. MemphisMuzicGirl says:

    well sri lanka is an island.
    I guess they want to do their own thing.

  2. webechris says:

    its a relegious difference, many south indians are hindu while sri lankans are muslim or sikh also way back when the british were there sri lanka was a prison island where the most hardcore prisioner were sent so it has a history and a tridition two things that are VERY important to Indian culture

  3. iks says:

    the answer is very simple. because they are different countries and were never one like India and Pakistan. Tomoroww you will say why canada and usa caanot be one country. ??
    there is no hostility between India and Sri Lanka,. whatever tension is there is because of LTTE, which is not a government organisation, but a bunch of terrorist. on govt to govt level every thing is fine.

  4. Amit says:

    because of its language and the people..
    if u can brought this interseting Q.. u cud ask
    pakistan n india. cause they r more closer than india n sri lanka..

  5. Dinkar A says:

    They are two different countries and were always different. Infact according to one Mythological story (ramayana) they were also at war around 4200BC. After that however, The relationshiop is quite friendly 🙂

    Most of the Srilankans are sinhalis and the main religion is Buddhism. Since last 1000 years many Indians from south eastern parts migrated and settled there. They are mainly hindus/buddhist and speak Tamil. There is tension between native sinhalese and descendents of Indian Tamils. Since last 20 years Srilankan Tamils are fighting for a separate land within Srilanka. This organisation is called LTTE and is considered a tarrorist movement and are at war with Lankan Army. They control a little part of srilanka but are not recognized by any country.

    Howeevr, India has nothing to do with all this and it is an internal matter of Srilanka. India sent its troops in srilanka for few months during late 80’s to fight with lankan army and against LTTE but withdrawn after internal political opposition. Still as revenge, LTTE assasinated Indian prime minister(Rajeev Gandhi) in 91 through a suicide attack.

    But the relationship between 2 countries are absolutely normal and peaceful. There is no hostality

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