Who is the good Psychologists in Sri Lanka?

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I am a sri lankan and working in UAE. 2 years ago I got married and now my marriage life is totally collapsed. so, I want to meet a Psychologists with my wife to take some advices. If anybody know the answer please reply me. Thanks.

41 thoughts on “Who is the good Psychologists in Sri Lanka?”

  1. Admin says:

    First I ll comment about answers already given. Dr. Phil is a TV show and it address some relationship and psychological problems.

    Dr. D.V.G.harishchandra is a psychiatrist. Not a psychologist. There are many differences in psychiatrists and psychologist’s practices. For you, it would be adequate to seek advice from a psychologist.

    But as D mention, Going to Hospital would be ideal in general. But there would be many practical issues and I do not think it is the best method in Sri Lanka.

    To answer you one of the best psychologist in Sri Lanka is Priyanjali de Soysa. She is a clinical psychologist and she is good for relationship issues. Priyangali De Soyaza may be seeing patient in Colombo private hospitals. Priyanga Soyza is also a psychologist.

    You can also go to a counselling service. Call “Sahanaya” National Council of Mental Health and ask about the available services. They may advice you. Following is the contact information of Sahanaya National Council of mental health.
    No. 96/20, Kitulwatta Road,
    Colombo – 08.
    Sri Lanka
    Tel: +94 112 685 960
    Tel: +94 115 350 819

    1. Ushan says:

      Can I know the name of the physiologist in Win lanka if anyone know?

  2. rockin JC says:

    Dr. Phil.

  3. D says:

    I think the best thing to do is ask around at your hospitals, etc… or someone you trust ….

  4. Supun says:

    Dr. D.V.G. Harishchandre he is the best one.

    1. sss says:

      where can we meet him?

  5. pseudogeek says:

    I had been referred to Dr. Shanez Fernando by my psychiatrist in psychotherapy for depression related to bipolar disorder. I had been very reluctant to see her as I generally don’t trust medical professionals and I didn’t want to let anyone to playing mind games with me and had been totally closed up in our first meeting and used to shoot her with questions in order to test her ability to see what I’m thinking and to understand where I’m coming from.
    Long story short,I believed her answers to my probing questions were near perfect and she got me opened up and now I enjoy my sessions with her.
    I haven’t met with any other psychologists to compare but I believe she’s one of the top clinical psychologists in colombo and that she’s very good at what she does.

    1. S.M.P says:

      can I pls knw a way of contacting her?

      1. Bernie♥Lucy says:

        She sees patients at Lanka Hospitals and Asiri Hospitals. You can reserve her time through echanneling; dial 225 on a Dialog/Mobitel network. She also has a private office in Suleiman Avenue, Jawatte.

  6. Sithara says:

    I need to free my mind from past experiences and thoughts. It is so trouble for so, who may I assist? A psychiatrist or psychologist?

  7. Chanaka says:

    I agree with Pseudogeek. Dr. Shanez Fernando helped me to overcome my severe anxiety, social phobia, OCD and some other personal issues that I don’t want to mention here. :); I certainly did not feel awkward, or shy in front of her talking about those “issues” I refused to reveal here.

    I feel absolutely better now. Whenever I feel depressed or anxious I think about her advices and they help instantly. Even Though I feel better enough to be on my own, its a pleasure to see her.

    She also knows a great deal about Buddhism. I think she incorporates her knowledge in Buddhism to her practice. However, I have no idea whether marriage counselling is a specialty of her’s. I will ask her and let you know who you should consult.

    Ajahn Brahm’s book “\Opening the door of your Heart” is must to read book for couples.


    1. anjali says:

      Hi chanaka
      I’m also suffering from social phobia.how long will it took for u to recover from it.pls reply

    2. kanchana says:

      is she giving medications also ?

      1. weerasinghe says:

        No. She is a clinical psychologist, not a psychiatrist. But she will refer patients to a psychiatrist if medication is needed.

  8. Sadique says:

    Dr. Harishcandra diagnosed me with shriczoprenia , and im 100% sure iam not! But i.do needson counciling, anyone know any good psychologists!?

  9. Thushara says:

    Hi… I would highly recommend a psychotherapist in Ninewells hospital. She is very good. All my pain and anxiety washed way after I see her. She is Australian qualified and understood my issues very well. Now I’m living my life happily.

    1. shany says:

      wots d dr name

    2. shalunie says:

      can i know that doctors contact number plz

  10. CDP says:

    I am in a depression.; I need help soon as possible. I feel i’m going to hell day by day. please………

  11. CDP says:

    I am in a depression. I need help soon as possible. I feel im going to hell day by day… Help me Please………

  12. Chulanga says:

    Dr. Shanez Fernando is one of the best psychologists in Sri Lanka.
    You can see her in Lanka Hospitals or Asiri Hospitals.

  13. fifi says:

    Can someone help me my son is 15 yrs and have started smoking . Ifeel a psycologist can help? please recommend some one good in Colombo.

    1. TFVW says:

      Shanez Fernando is the best that I can think of. I have known a number of psychiatrists and psychologists, and been to them myself.
      She’s not your average shrink. Quite out of the box. Someone else has commented about her knowledge of Buddhism. But I don’t think it’s Buddhism or any other philosophy she’s preaching here, although there are similarities.
      She points to the subjectivity of our experience. And she encourages you to take responsibility for your own experience rather than blame a fictional outside world.

  14. Dskw says:

    Hi..can I know the best fic for relationship related issues..maybe for moving on.. how much will it cost?

  15. yamraaj says:

    What is mean by subjectivity of our experience???

    Is she offer religious counseling service. Connection with religious organisation?

  16. sheroza says:

    Needs help! One of my friends having a problem.. her husband gets too angry for small small things.. she is really disturbed n doesn’t know what to do.. is there any good psychiatric for this in Colombo.. pls suggest if u know

  17. TFVW says:

    Hi Yamaraaj, that’s for me isn’t it? Goodness me, no, Shanez isn’t part of a religious outfit. She’s a regular clinical psychologist who works at private hospitals.

    What I meant was, she addresses our tendency to attribute our troubles to the rest of the world, the spouse, the boss, parents, the government, etc. She points out that the outside world is just an image in our minds, or a projection of our imagination. Come to think of it, we’re all writing our own story as we go on. But when things start going under, we look for other people and other things to blame. This is when we make ourselves and everyone around us needlessly unhappy.

    Shanez just encourages you to take responsibility for your own life. You’re not likely to hear any outdated Freudian jargon from this lady if you visit her, or some highfalutin theory from a psychology journal that’s going to be abandoned in a few years time anyway. Instead, she quietly brings your attention to the basic, honest facts of your problem.

    At least that’s how she used be, I haven’t met her in a while. Hope this helped!

  18. devi says:

    I have gone to few psychologists since 2005 , and in 2014 I was referred to a new psychologists by my psychiatrist . It is Chrishara Paranavithana . Since I started the sessions I have had remarkable improvements . She is one of the best professionals in the field I can recommend to anyone.

  19. verni says:


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  22. Geeknamer says:

    Obviously… You should try Dr Kumaranayake.. He is on one of the best psychiatrists in Sri Lanka

  23. nirmal says:

    She is doing her practices in Asiri surgical you can ask from them

  24. Ifthi M says:

    My son is going thru some sort of a disorder…he will not talk to me. But according to my wife it’s about his girlfriend left him …I don’t think…it’s that there is something more he had three jobs where he was told to leave..my wife is a narcissist and she makes a mountain out of a mole hill…and it’s full of drama. please help .thanks

  25. Shivantha says:


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  28. Jo says:

    Hi All,

    Im 28 and I am undergoing some mental pressure. I want someone who can listen to me from my mother tongue Tamil since it will be comfortable for me. And I need a lady doctor who can understand from a girls point of view 🙂

  29. Amith1 says:

    Dr indrani thilakerathne is good ..she is the counsellor in Sri Jayawardenepura Hospital. Doing private practice in few including hemas thalawathugoda. Can contact her via 777307864

  30. Ami says:

    Can someone help me to choose between Dr Kumaranayake and Dr Chishara Paranawithana. This is for my wife. I suspect she is depressed, but dont want any medication to be done since she is breast feeding. Need someone who can listen for her issues and make up her mind. We have met Dr Shanez some time back, but she didnt like her.

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