Who is Dayasiri Jayasekara’s brother ?

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I heard that popular politician and mega star “real star” Dayasiri Jayasekar’a brother is a famous singer. I am sorry, as I have been living in USA for more than ten years, I do not know about Dayasiri’s brother. Can anyone tell me more about Dayasiri Jayasekara’s family.
P.S. I like Dayasiri Jayasekara both as a politician and as a singer. I thought he would win the Mega Star award. Anyway I take this opportunity to wish Dayasiri “good luck ” in his political career. I wish he become the national organizer of United National Party soon.

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  1. Krishantha says:

    Dayasiri Jayasekara’s brother’s name is Kithsiri Jayasekara. He was one of the judges in Derana little star and now he is in sirasa super star panel. There are few famous songs from him too. One is Sri Lankan version of the “thuhire” song which is frequently sung at reality shows by the contestants.
    Dayasiri is the seventh in the family and he hails from Kurunagala. Dayasiri is a graduate from Colombo law faculty.
    The other common feature for both of these guys are that they are marrid to famous dancers from famous families. Kithsiri is married to Upekha Gangodawila who is a lecturer in esthetic university and a popular dancer. Dayasiri is married to Jayawanthi who is also the second daughter of popular dancing teacher Paneebharatha. Jayawanthi is also the sister of Upuli (Channa Wijewardana’s wife).

  2. Admin says:

    Dayasiri’s brother Kithsiri now lives in Canada with his wife and family. His wife is Upeka gangodawila.

    Both of them are conducting music and dance lessons for students in Toronto.

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