Who are the 5 best old Anandians?

Samson . Posted in Education 823 1 Comment

I am interested in knowing the ideas of all Sri Lankans about this question. Can you guys name the best five old Anandians? If possible mention why you think so.

One thought on “Who are the 5 best old Anandians?”

  1. Samson says:

    I think Sarath Fonseka comes first and Arjuna Ranathunga second. I can not think more. May be other officers who won the war but I am not sure of their colleges.

    Anyway Old Anandians like Rajitha Senarathna are not in the list. He will not be there in my best hundred old Anandians list.

    I also remember Marvan Athapaththu and would like to place him within best 50 of old Anandians.

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