Who are Saranga Disasekara’s Parents ?

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I am a fan of talented young actor Saranga Disasekara. I watched few teledramas that Saranga appeared and I still remember his roles as Doctor Vidarshana in Paba and his role in Ganga Addara teledrama. He also acted in few movies.

These days I see him as an announcer in Star challenge program. One of my friend told me that his parents are also very famous people in the Art field. But she did not know exactly who they are.

I would be thankful if somebody can tell me who are Saranga Disasekara’s parents ?

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  1. Samson says:

    Saranga Disasekara’s parents are also artists. His father is singer Naradha Disasekara. He has won awards for his songs in Films. If I remember right he won an award for “Galana gangaki Jeewithi” song in Ranmuthuduwa film at first ever Sarasaviya film festival. His song “Arichchi borichchi” is also very famous.

    Narada Disasekara, born in June 1933 in Welipenna of Kalutara district, was 76 years old at the time of his death. He passed away on May 19, 2010.

    He schooled in Kaluthara and played cricket for Kalutara Maha Vidyalaya.

    Later, he joined Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation Engineering Section and became a simple vocalist while working there.

    His mother was a radio announcer. I think her name is Thilka Kumari Kalubowila. I am still not sure about the name but this is my vague memory.

  2. The name of Saranga Disasekara’s mother is Thilaka Ranasinghe. Not Thilaka Kumari Kalubowile. Thilaka Ranasinghe is the sister of veteran actor Douglas Ranasinghe.

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