Who are famous Sri Lankans?

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I want to know names of famous Sri Lankans in different fields. Hope someone can give me a list of people from various fields. Famous Sri Lankan who are living permanently abroad can also be included if they deserve a place. Please add even if you can nominate only a single name, if you know well about that person and filed; Then I can make a list.

I would be thankful if you can tell your reason to consider he or she as a famous Sri Lankan.

3 thoughts on “Who are famous Sri Lankans?”

  1. Late prime minter Sirima Bandaranayake was the first lady to become a prime minister. So she is a famous politician from Sri Lanka.
    Sir Arthur C. Clark is also a well known scientist from Sri Lanka. He was able to predict/foresee most of the inventions in information technology that are popular today. He has written many books for astrology and modern science.
    President Mahinda Rajapaksha is also a popular politician as he was able to terminate the 30 year of war in north and east part of Sri lanka during his term as the president.

  2. Krishantha says:

    Sri Lankan cricketers are the most famous Sri Lankans. I live in Australia and almost every Australian, Indian, Pakistani who live here talk about Sri Lankan cricketers when we have a conversation.

    Those days it was Arjuna Ranathunga and Aravinda Silva who were most famous among Australians. We all know what they did to Australia in 1996.

    Also Muthiah Muralitharan is also very famous and he should be famous with the number of world records he has in his bag.

    From current cricketers, Kumar Sangakkara is well admired all over the world. Sanga also became to most popular world cricketer in an ICC award ceremony.

    Mahela Jayawardana is popular for here lion heart captaincy and elegant batting. It is the same for Sanga who bats like an artist painting a picture.

    Sanath Jayasuriya is also famous.

    We do not have much famous people in other sports. Even though there are few Olympic medalists.

    Lester James Peiris may have some reputation but I do not think he is that popular. If he lived in another country he must have been another James Cameron.

    No one from Sri Lanka music even though we have good musicians. There may be lot of scholars and administrators whom I am not that aware of. May be Jayantha Danapala is one of the famous in that matter.

  3. Shantha says:

    Raja Rajarathnam is an American multi-billionaire who was among the first fifty in American richest list. He was most talked about when he got caught for US share market investment fraud and it is not that good way to be famous.

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