Where can I buy soil in Sri Lanka for plant beds ?

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I need to have good surface soil to used in pots and in plants beds. I am trying to grow some vegetables. The soil my garden has is not good. I used to buy soils for plants when I was abroad and wish I can buy the same here.
Is there any place around Panadura which sell soil (Not compost) ?

I am really upset about the agriculture department’s failures to promote home gardens. Those “Divi naguma” like projects are utter useless if they can not provide necessary facilities for the farmers. In developed countries everybody grow something in their garden as it is easy to buy agricultural stuff both natural and non natural (Eg. utensils).

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  1. Krishantha says:

    Asked a driver who is engaged in transporting goods. I mean person like land tractor driver or those small lorry driver. Ask for surface soil. But you have to take the risk of paying their cost as it is not easy to find top soils. When they find a good soil they will bring it for you.

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