What tv show is your favorite?

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One thought on “What tv show is your favorite?”

  1. I live in Canada but know most of the TV programs that ar being shown in Sri Lanka thanks to online video sites. May be we watch more than the people who are currently living in Sri Lanka do.
    I used to watch Paba teledrama at our dinner time. But now we do not watch any of Sri Lankan teledramas. Hope there are good teledramas at least in RUpavahini at 8.30 pm. But it has been hard to find a good one.
    We watch reality shows. While we watch American Idol, Britain got talent, etc we never miss to watch Sirasa Super Star. Now generation 04. But unfortunately my family does not like other reality TV shows in Sri Lanka.
    Some of my friends watch “Doramadalawa” but we believe it gives many false information and misconceptions. Simply I do not like people who try to explain Buddhism by science. For me Buddhism is ultimate and I believe science can not explain Buddhism. Buddhism never changes but Sciences change.
    I also liked Jackson Anthony’s Satharalankaraya and Maha Sancharaya programs.

    My favorite English shows are American Idol, Family Guy, Big Ban Theory Scienfield, and Two and Half Men.

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