What is the true story about Pitaduwe Siridamma Thero?

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I heard many rumors about our venerable Pitaduwe Siridamma thero. According to latest news siridamma hamuduruwo has left to USA with a heavy heart. I think this can be yet another secret agenda by anti Buddhist fractions. Siridamma thero was a popular monk and frequently appeared in main stream media.
Siridamma thero is a micro biology graduate and he became a monk after the graduation.
Following are few rumors that I heard and many of them are in popular medias.
1. Mervin Silva created an environment against the thero as he was against the building of a kovil.
2. Villagers raised against thero and activities in the temple.
3. When he was a layman, had an affair with one called Niranjala Shyamali Groses and she has filed a case against thero.

There are many rumors but I do not believe in those. Our great Soma thero also had to face obstacles when he was active and popular. As I understand all these are to blackmail our great Buddhist leaders and I hope someone who is well known to thero will take the opportunity here to clear our thero’s good name.

One thought on “What is the true story about Pitaduwe Siridamma Thero?”

  1. Shantha says:

    There are many stories about Pitaduwe Siridamma thero. He changed the name recently and was telling that he attained the state of Sowan.

    Also some of the images were leaked where the monk was clad in T shirts and enjoying time with a young guy.

    I have lost the faith for this monk even though I used to be one of his follower before. But there are enough other way for us to learn buddhism and n point spending our valuable time on a controversial person like him.

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