What is the reason for the rapid development of Sri Lanka cricket?

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I have noticed that Sri Lanka has emerged as a very powerful team in a decades time. At one time they used to be equated with Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe have not managed the same success of Sri Lanka, What do you think are some of the reasons for Sri Lankas sterling performance in world cricket these days?
All answers from all countries will be appreciated.

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3 thoughts on “What is the reason for the rapid development of Sri Lanka cricket?”

  1. M_B_T_M says:

    BCCI and India has nurtured them and made them grow like a lil kid of our country however they still need to prove their mettle in test cricket, they are absolutely hopeless in that department of the game. they still continue to be the biggest glovers on swinging pitches across the world.

    the biggest problem with sri lankans is they spit in the same utensil where they get their food, but we indians are big and we forgive them considering them no entity, they eat just our left outs

  2. Nalakafairly 100% says:

    they have good young aspiring cricketers like Mathews Dinesh ,..Kapugedara ETC… fabulous veterans like Sangakkara and a master Jayawardane
    you cant ask for more in a team
    the day they play to their full potential, they can beat any side in the world but they need to bring consistency in their winning habit….they are doing good these days
    they always strive for Excellence..
    but not by…….. buying everything & umpires
    using money like India ..
    Sri Lankan cricketers are genuine and honest
    they play for honor…
    not for money
    i choose to say this because of these MBTM’s unwarranted comments..but have a look at these guys comments
    i mean .no offence…i come in pease
    they have won most spirited team 3 years straight!!
    may be ,…Sri Lenka is actually the second best team now,
    either Australia or SriLanka…then INDIA has room for improvement on bowling
    though ICC rankings has got something wrong here lol~
    I MUST STATE……….”Cricket is a national passion and an Integral part of life in
    Sri lanka. Today, it is a very important part of our modern culture. Cricket has also unified our nation and brought together diverse people”
    Sri Lanka is one of the greatest.But the Australia is the no1.We have to accept that……In my Rankings…….
    South Africa=equals Sri Lanka
    India comes after that
    sorry that’s what everybody say
    not me

  3. venkatesh says:

    I think sri lanka cricket board is giving many chances to the new players to prove there talent

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