What is the official languages in Suriname, in Belize, in Sri Lanka and in Kashmir ?

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6 thoughts on “What is the official languages in Suriname, in Belize, in Sri Lanka and in Kashmir ?”

  1. lotusmoon01 says:

    Suriname: Dutch
    Belize: English
    Sri Lanka: Tamil, Sinhalese, and English
    Kashmir (part of India): Hindi and English. Urdu is prevalent

  2. Fiamanillah says:

    actually, the official language of kashmir is urdu.

  3. falastina says:

    Official language in Sri Lanka is Sinhala……right!!!!

  4. Vandhiyathevan says:

    To Falestina

    Official language of srilankan is Tamil & sinhala
    and not just “sinhala” as you would have us believe,

    pls don’t tell half truths. do you really think that the people in yahoo are ignorant and would simply believe whatever baloney you would say? sheesh! this is pathetic!

    now to the q

    Belize = English
    surinam = dutch
    sri lanka = Tamil & sinhalese
    kashmir = Urudu, Hindi, English

  5. Mendi8a says:

    ok i get your point, they all have more than one widely used langauge, and that we should accept that we could have more than just English…bravo, we all learned something, i did not know that they were such diverse countries.

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