What is the first thing you would do when back in Sri Lanka ?

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This question is for fellow Sri Lankans who are living abroad. There are many Sri Lankans who live overseas, as immigrant workers, permanent residents, citizens, etc. There are some of us who have not got a chance to visit our mother land for years due to many reasons. There is one thing common for all of us, We all miss our mother nation.

We are always eager to know things which are happening in Sri Lanka. We read all the online papers, find time to watch Sri lanka news, reality shows, etc. I have many things in mind to do when I visit Sri Lanka. I hope you also would be having. We can not buy certain things in the countries we live which we love in Sri Lanka. I have a list, but I do not want to distract your thinking.

My question is what is the first thing that you would do when you visit Sri Lanka next time ?

3 thoughts on “What is the first thing you would do when back in Sri Lanka ?”

  1. Samson says:

    I will eat some Egg hoppers and plane hoppers with Lunu Miris and Deviled prawns from a way side “hotel” on the Katunayaka – Colombo road. Then I would have a ginger tea. Cheers !!!

  2. I will hug my mum and my brother’s “chuty duu”.

  3. I willl stand in front of Welikada prison and salute General Sarath Fonseka for all the work he has done to the nation.

    I know others also did a great service to mother lanka by wiping out terrorism. But I am really proud of general who scarified every thing with the intention of making peaceful Sri Lanka a better place.

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