What is the best school in Sri Lanka for a boy?

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What is the best school in Sri lanka for a boy who stated his education in English language in a foreign country. What are the potential obstacles he may have to face when adopting to new environment?

One thought on “What is the best school in Sri Lanka for a boy?”

  1. Shantha says:

    If he studies in English and want to join a local school one of the choice will be private international school. Most of the Colombo schools which have English medium teaching do not have vacancies for new students.

    if I am anyway to suggest the best schools, it will be Royal College or St. Thomas College.

    He may not have big issues. I know few families/kids who did the same and they adopted very well. After all it is our own country and own life style. It is in our blood and it will be easy to adopt to own country rather than an alien country.

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