What is the best girl school in Sri Lanka ?

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What is the best girls school in Sri Lanka?

12 thoughts on “What is the best girl school in Sri Lanka ?”

  1. eljuwa says:

    Without any prejudice and without any influence, Ladies College is the BEST LADIES SCHOOL IN SL. I went to St. Thomas’ and even at 7 years of age, my answer would be the same. I am a USA citizen and I still believe the same.

  2. Samson says:

    Vishaka College is the best girls school in my opinion. Vishaka College sends more medical students than any other school per year.

  3. i dont care what others say.but i know that musaeus college is the best school.it focuss on studies as well as other extra curricular activitie.s.it has got many achievements in fields of sports as well as in studies. go mother musaeus!!!!!!!!! best school ever!!luv ya

  4. Kayesh says:

    Ladies college Colombo 7 has been historically a very elite, elitist school.
    Comparable private schools are St Bridget’s Convent and Bishops College.
    The rest of the girls schools are second tier schools, like HFC ( Holy Family) and Methodist. Some of these are semi private.
    Visaka is a public Buddhist school, and is the best Buddhist public school in the island, but it is nowhere near the three elite schools, which were preferred by the older upper classes.

  5. kasun says:

    In my opinion, best girls school in srilanka is sirimavo bandaranaike vidayala. It gives a well disciplined and educated girl to the society. Best means not only the education but also educated and well behaved girl. And in sirimavo, there is no discrimination between students based on social classes and religion. Everything is well balanced. It is dramatically developed only within 17 years! So overall sirimavo bandaranaike vidayala .colombo 07 is the best girl school in SL.

    1. nishad says:

      Yes i agree with you kasun. My wife is from sirimavo. She has all the qualifications you mentioned. Truly srilankan girls are from sirimavo… i love this school.I always recommend sirimavo to anyone who are looking for the best girls school in SL

  6. Reshan says:


  7. Dewmini Devindya says:

    Panadura Balika is best girl school in Sri Lanka

  8. Colombo cat says:

    Every school has its own uniqueness and values so it’s no good saying which school is the best and which is not and without parameters ranking schools according to someone’s wish clearly doesn’t indicate the result properly

    1. visakha rox says:

      Who ever you are you did justice to all schools thanckyou

  9. visakha rox says:

    Well you should stop telling that this schol is better than that you haven’t even gone to every single one of those schools so please stop niglecting other schools saying yours is beter every school has is own uniqueness

  10. Livinya says:

    Visakha Vidyalaya is the best top ranked girls school in Srilanka

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