What is the Award given to Mekhala gamage at Derana Music Video Award 2011?

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I watched the Derana Music Video award 2011 completely from youtube and read an article. I also noted an image that Mekhala Gamage was on stage for an award.

But I still do not know the award that Mekhala Gamage got. I am excited only on this achievement by sri lankan young singers and watched the whole video footage to find it out.

I would be thankful if one of you can tell me more about the award that Mekhala Gamage received at Derana Music award 2011.

One thought on “What is the Award given to Mekhala gamage at Derana Music Video Award 2011?”

  1. Krishantha says:

    I also want to know. I saw she on the stages in a photo coverage of the event. But still not sure what is the award she got. But anyway she deserves an award. I listen to “ahan inna song’ whenever I feel down and it always pump up some energy to me.

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