What happened to the singer Upali Ranjith who sang “Nethangasara”?

Krishantha . Posted in Entertainment & Music 1431 2 Comments

“Nethangasaraa” was a very good song sung by Upali Ranjith in 1980-1990. His first album had the same name and with very good collection of songs. He also sang theme songs in few of the teledramas.
But I did not get a chance to listen to any of his new songs. Is he still singing or what happened to him?
I am curious as he was a very good singer. He had a voice like Athma Liyanage.

2 thoughts on “What happened to the singer Upali Ranjith who sang “Nethangasara”?”

  1. Samson says:

    Yes he was a talented singer. He is from Kalutara area and released “Nethangasara” album. He released “Nethangasara” just after Athma Liyanage (Another talented singer from Kalutara) released his first album “Liyathambara”

    Unfortunately Upali Ranjith did not make more songs other than few songs he did as teledrama theme songs.

    Now he is not healthy and can barely walk. Apparently he has got a stroke. I met him recently and his speech was also not fluent.

  2. Krishantha says:

    Thanks Samson for your wonderful answer. You seem to be knowing him well. I feel sad about this talented singer.

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