What happened to “Iroshayi Niroshayi” Program ?

Brenda_Maddumage_facebook . Posted in Entertainment & Music 1245 1 Comment

I used to watch The “Iroshayi Niroshayi’ program presented by Nirosha Perera and Irosha Perera sisters in online video sites.
I did not see this Sirasa TV’s Sunday entertainment program “iroshayi niroshayi” program for a while now.
have they stopped the program now ? If so, why ?

One thought on “What happened to “Iroshayi Niroshayi” Program ?”

  1. Krishantha says:

    Hi Brenda, I also used to watch Iroshayi Niroshayi program. I think Sirasa TV has stopped the program and I am not aware of the reason. may be they wanted a break.

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