What happened in the 1996 cricket world cup semifinals between India and Sri Lanka?

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India lose to Sri Lanka in 96 world cup. However the match never finished. India was 120/8 chasing Sri Lanka’s 251 at 34 overs. 16 overs were left and 2 wickets were in hand, but the umpires declared Sri Lanka the winner. Why? I was a small kid back then and barely remember the details. All I can remember is that there was news umpire declared SL the winner without the match finishing. It was not D/L and there was no rain either.

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  1. .•*¨*SANGA the KING*`•.¸ says:

    Indian crowd started throwing stones & water bottles at our players
    so umpires & referee decided to declare SL as winners as it is too dangerous to continue

    I sensing a similar kind of a thing happening this time around too~

  2. paul levesque says:

    The match result was not decided by D/L.
    The match result was declared as ” Srilanka won the match by default”.

    read this match report by Wisden:
    Sri Lanka won by default after a crowd riot.

    Sri Lanka played brilliantly after a disastrous first over to achieve an unbeatable advantage. But the headlines were devoted to the riot which ended the match. Enraged by an Indian collapse of seven wickets for 22, some home supporters threw bottles on to the outfield and set fire to the seating. Referee Clive Lloyd took the teams off for 15 minutes, attempted a restart and then awarded Sri Lanka the game by default. Nobody questioned the result; India needed a near-impossible 132 from 15.5 overs, with only two wickets standing. But the Indian board smarted at the word default and asked for Sri Lanka to be declared winners on run-rate.

    The authorities – and many home fans – were intensely embarrassed by the trouble. Even as the match was abandoned, one Indian raised a banner reading “Congratulation [sic] Sri Lanka – we are sorry”. Some took out apologetic advertisements in the Sri Lankan press. But, like the Pakistani fans four days before, others raged against their unsuccessful players and a guard was put on captain Azharuddin’s house.

    Azharuddin took much criticism for fielding first. He knew Sri Lanka preferred to chase, as they did to beat India in Delhi, but critics argued that he should play to his team’s strengths, not his opponents’ weaknesses. There were few objections, however, when Kaluwitharana and Jayasuriya, Sri Lanka’s celebrated pinch-hitters, both hit straight to third man in the first four balls of the game. Gurusinha soon followed, but De Silva determinedly stuck to the strategy of scoring as heavily as possible early on: he hit 22 off Prasad’s first two overs. Though he was bowled in the 15th over, De Silva had scored 66, with 14 fours, off 47 balls, and Sri Lanka already had 85. Ranatunga and Mahanama (who eventually succumbed to cramp) kept up a steady five an over.

    A target of 252 was not necessarily beyond India’s batting heroes, however. Tendulkar was stumped and, seven balls later, Azharuddin gave Dharmasena a return catch, the 100,000 crowd was stunned into silence. That did not last, as the collapse fuelled their fury, and no play was possible after the loss of Kapoor to De Silva’s running catch in the deep.

    Yet the presentation ceremony went ahead as if nothing untoward had occurred, and, against the smoking backdrop, Tony Greig conducted post-match interviews so normal they were bizarre. A day later, Jayasuriya was named Most Valued Player of the Tournament, an award clinched by his three for 12 in seven overs, in addition to two catches and a run-out.

    Man of the Match: P. A. De Silva.

  3. Charlotte P. Chuckles says:

    Because the Indian babies whined as usual, destroyed property, and endagered others’ lives, and attacked a sports team, because things didn’t go their way.

    Like the uncivilized nation it is.

  4. Anu Sarker says:

    i also confused about that but i think there was a rule by icc

  5. svinodmenon says:

    Sanga is not the king, the watchman………..gg

    India did not loose the match, As default SL win. Unfinished business, would bee given back to them this time. Expecting below

    Quater Final – SL Vs India, India Win
    Semi Final – SA Vs India, India Win
    Final India Vs Australia, India Win

    India win the WC 2011.

    the above is not the prediction, its the truth……..as per probability 5:3:1

  6. Joey! says:

    India were no way in a position to win that match with 120/8, and the Indian fans started throwing stones and bottles at the Sri Lankan players and the match was declared won by Sri Lanka by default..

  7. Hero Assange says:

    I still can not forget Alec Bedser bowling. And that brilliant knock by Vinoo Mankad in the 1953 test match. Wow.

  8. Calculus says:

    The match referee, Clive Lloyd, awarded the match to Sri Lanka due to Indian spectators behaving dangerously and rowdily in a way the match could not be resumed safely.
    This is what Cricinfo says about the incident.
    “At the fall of the 8th Indian wicket, sections of the crowd vented their disgust with the state of the match by setting fire to some areas of the stands and throwing fruit and waterbottles onto the field. The match was briefly stopped and when play was about to resume, the crowd again threw bottles at the deep fielders. The match referee stopped the game and the game was awarded to Sri Lanka by default.”
    True, there was no D/L applied, but I guess even if D/L applied India would still have lost as of the time the match stopped at 8 wickets. In any event there was no realistic prospect of India winning that match.

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