What happened at the Mega Star final?

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I heard that Mega Star Final results was a manipulated one. How do they do this?


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  1. Samson says:

    I watched few video clips. I also read an article in a sinhala blog nad it had mentioned about a computer “gilmart”. There was an image of a SMS machine too with some audio clips. This audio clips from a Radio program where they record a call to a previous reality show contestant in a program called Rantharu. The radio team had been able to gather some secrets behind this.

    They say this SMS machine can send unlimited SMSs even if they are accepting one SMS from a one number.

    I have never heard of these things from reality shows in North America. It seems that Sri lankans are well ahead of technical knowledge but not using for useful developments. lol

  2. Krishantha says:

    I was watching the video live. ( I live in USA) and suddenly the program stopped. I saw Mrs. Soma Edirisinghe was escorted by security.

    But it is a shame to Swarnawahini and I wonder why they are silent if they did not do any manipulation.

    If similar thing happen in Sirasa we can see lot of articles in media. Sirasa be them selves will market it and get an advantage. I remember what happened when Chula left the Dancing star stage.

    I heard that Ajith Weerasinghe has recently held a media conference. it is said that this was sponsored by president media unit.

    Read this article in Lanka e news Sinhala site:

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