What does the world think about muslims in Sri Lanka?

Hans Zimmer Rosenthal . Posted in Society & Culture 1195 5 Comments

I am a Sri Lankan and i am quite eager to know what the world thinks about Sri Lankan Muslims so that i can know where we stand. You can also clarify any doubts that you have about Sri Lankan Muslims…………

5 thoughts on “What does the world think about muslims in Sri Lanka?”

  1. ♥Ŝåƒϊ♥ ẠτЋєąŧї Ċářąçáľ ĐìvÎśíóñ says:

    I have a Muslimah friend from Sri Lanka. She’s a wonderful person. And she has beautiful children!!

    Her husband is an American Muslim (revert).


  2. bumpin 420 says:

    theres nice architecture there

  3. She said says:

    I think the same of all Muslims no matter where they come from that they are my Ummah. I have never singled out Muslims from Sri Lanka to be any different from Muslims from anywhere else. I dont understand why you need others to define you as in ”where we stand” only Allah is your judge brother. Asalam Alikum.

  4. Carnage PaKistani For Life says:

    Yeah, we love all Muslims here in Pakistan. Sri Lankan Muslims are our brothers.

  5. TSW says:

    From there history in the USA I feel that they should not be talked about given there stand with people other then Muslim. I will always refuse to give them a voice. It’s an evil religion like satin . I shut them out.

    Why the true Muslims don’t condemn what the radical Muslims are Doing it makes them all the same. An Enemy to the US people. If you can’t stand up to them you all are the problem.

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