What do you think about the US having a strategic army+navy+air force base in Sri Lanka?

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The world’s economies and power are likely to spread out with the emergence of India and China. They are likely to develop their military and logistical capabilities as well, so do you think that the US could have a strong base, unlike the other ones in the Indian Ocean, just to adress any threats if there are.

Please look up the locations of the countries if you dont know much about them, lol, thanks

6 thoughts on “What do you think about the US having a strategic army+navy+air force base in Sri Lanka?”

  1. shatnerpossum says:

    Its a great strategic spot for a base.

  2. desertviking_00 says:

    The government in Colombo would have to completely eliminate the threat from the Tigers of Tamil Elam before the U.S. would start up a base in Sri Lanka. The experience of having basing rights, at Subic Bay and Clark Air Base, when the Philippines’ government was engaged in putting down an insurgency by the Huk Balahap would give the U.S. pause about having history repeat itself.

  3. M. C. L. says:

    The US has bases in Japan, which is able to keep an eye on mainland PR-China. A base on Sri Lanka would allow them to be able to keep an eye on India.

    But India is a democracy so it’s on friendlier terms with the US. However, it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

  4. wichitaor1 says:

    Diego Garcia had been serving that purpose for decades. And it has such lovely beaches.

  5. Dylan S says:

    Sri Lanka isn’t a strategic location. Putting a base there is a waste of resources and manpower. The United States already has enough military might in the region.

  6. Shanika B says:

    it would be a great place

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