What are the secrets of Sri Lanka government win over Tamil tigers ?

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Sri Lankan government could defeat the separatist LTTE few years back. I heard that the war in Sri Lanka lasted more than thirty years and it killed thousands of innocent people and both side armies. It is also reported that it was this Tamil terrorist group who first introduced suicide bombers. They also used the women suicide bombers and at times in disguise of pregnant ladies.

The government under the leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksha and Army commander Sarath Fonseka could defeat Liberation of Tamil Tigers of Ealam (LTTE) by killing its leader Prabhakaran. Then they fully captured land which were under the control of LTTE for years. Then they could surrender LTTE international leader Kumaran Pathmanatha who is popular as K.P.

These were the few facts I could learn from Internet and do not want to hear that again. What I want to know is what exactly lead to the success of this fight after 30 years. Please give me an comprehensive answer as I am studying word politics at University and I may utilize it for my studies if I get a good answer.

How was the Government in Sri lanka able to finally defeat the Tamil Tigers?

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  1. Samson says:

    Yes I have few facts that I think contributed for the defeat of LTTE.

    1. The whole world raised against terrorism after September 11 attack in America. Earlier even if other government tried to fight against LTTE it was harder for them to succeed with the tight rules. LTTE was a guerrilla organization.

    2. During Ranil Wickramasinghe’s piece talks LTTE was broken. LTTE eastern leader Karuna joined the government with his soldiers. As Karuna was a good guerrilla fighter it affected Prabakaran’s fighting capacity.

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