what are the rare and most exotic dishes of india and sri lanka?

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I need a few suggestions and websites or pictures if you could provide any…. thanks


to you lylie, i am not discriminating any traditional food of any countries, i am asking this because we would like to add more or feature some rare or exotic dishes in our indian restaurant and you are wrong because that’s why we call it “rare or exotic” because it is only available in that particular country not in the whole world.

Next time before you answer some questions make sure you think twice before saying it.

3 thoughts on “what are the rare and most exotic dishes of india and sri lanka?”

  1. coolness234 says:

    Onion Bhaji
    Chicken Bhoona
    Mixed Vegetable Curry
    Palao Rice or Naan
    Aloo Gobi
    Tarka Daal
    Aloo Gobi
    Tarka Daal
    Spinach Paratha
    Kulfi Flavoured Frozen Ice Cream

  2. Yogesh G says:

    1. Kapura is easy but not a common dish. Kapura are Goat testicles.

    2. Idli remains the oldest most sophisticated dish. Imagine 3,000 years ago, fermentation (natural yeast of batter), and steam cooking

    3. Mutton Biryani cooked in Handi over coal ambers

    4. Tari made of natural coconut sap as the old natural alcoholic beverage

  3. lylie says:

    There aren’t any rare or exotic dishes in any country. What are being eaten from one country compare to another has nothing to do with being rare or exotic. If you think about it, everyone of us eat the same food except cooked with different spices or herbs.
    There are certain countries that find eating horses/rabbits/kangaroos/bats/maggots which that are considered a norm. All we need to know is to respect their cultures and not showing signs of puking when they are consuming that kind of food that you wouldn’t eat. If you think you can’t stomach at the sight of it, don’t watch.

    Here’s a website for you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cW57hPLao_c&feature=related

    Uh huh, don’t you eat that ya. Nice day to you 🙂

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