What are the friendly countries of Sri Lanka ?

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which countries supports Sri Lanka ? what are the friendly countries ?


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6 thoughts on “What are the friendly countries of Sri Lanka ?”

  1. My rabbit loves me says:

    well a lot of European countries do

  2. Zoney says:

    Pakistan and China are closest to Sri Lanka…
    besides them…I think Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Britain, France, USA, and South American Countries !

  3. raden_putra_agong says:

    Any country which doesnt invade another country in the name of peace is a friendly country to any countries.

    Sadly, most have to pretend to be friendly for the sake of economical survival.

  4. Romanov says:


  5. Matt T says:


    Sri Lanka officially passed a resolution recognizing China, India, Iran, Pakistan, Japan, and Malaysia as strategic partners, and recognizing other Asian nations as potential sources of aid and support.

    Sri Lanka traditionally follows a nonaligned foreign policy but has been seeking closer relations with the United States since December 1977.

    Sri Lanka also has a close relationship with Israel, its major supplier of firearms.

  6. GearAz says:

    Why do you want to consider who’s friendly or not. I think this world needs more friends.

    We should consider everyone as a friend and every one is welcome to Sri Lanka.

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