What are some things to do on holiday in Sri Lanka?

Nina . Posted in Travel & Tourism 994 2 Comments

I’m 14 and i’m going on holiday to Sri Lanka in about 2 days. What are some things to do i Sri Lanka because i think it will probably be boring. We’ll be in Colombo and Batticolo and thinking of goin to Kandy.

2 thoughts on “What are some things to do on holiday in Sri Lanka?”

  1. Samson says:

    Oh Go there and you will realize soon what Sri lanka has to offer you.

  2. nipuna777 says:

    you can go the exel world in colombo. They have some games and stuff.
    you can swim anywhere in the coastal area if you like swimming of course.
    There is a lot to see in Kandy. you defineatly should go to the pinnawala elephant ophanage. Its about 5km away from kandy.

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