What are some amazing stuff about Sri Lanka?

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I need some really cool stuff about Sri Lanka to make a movie about it. I need cultural facts, something that would be really cool, for example if i wanted something cool about Sweden, a reely cool thing wud be the Ice Hotel

4 thoughts on “What are some amazing stuff about Sri Lanka?”

  1. shannon says:

    it’s an island of the coast of india. happy?

  2. nipuna777 says:

    Sorry no ice hotels here. BUT

    We have an elephant orphanage in Pinawala.
    We don’t have a winter
    We have our own war
    We have a written history of 2500 years.
    We have a stuffed elephant in kandy where there is the tooth relic of Budda
    We have the tree with the longest recorded history(Sri Maha Bhodiya)(its not the oldest but the one with the oldest written history)(i think)
    I cant think of any more rite now
    There are a huge amount of ruins here and there (you know rocks and stuff)

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