Upeksha Swarnamali – PABA assaulted !

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I just heard that actress and member of parliament Upeksha Swarnamali has been assaulted by her husband with a knife. Is this true? If so please share the things you know about this incidence and new development to this story.
I like Upeksha Swarnamali very much. She came to flame very quickly. She acted in few song visuals (Raum Kade, Chanchala) and few commercials before she became popular as PABA with PABA teledrama role.
Upeka supported General Sarath Fonseka during Presidential election and then she contested for the general election. She became the second in Gampaha district from UNP list and elected to parliament. Even UNP deputy leader Karu Jayasuriya got less prferential votes than her.
Then during 18th Amendment she joined ruling government.
During this short period there were many rumors about her. Sh was a popular topic online.

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  1. Krishantha says:

    Yes it is true that PABA has been assaulted by her husband Mahesh. It has been confirmed by Sri Jayawardanapura hospital and she has undergone a surgery for injuries to her eyes.
    Initially it was reported that PABA was attackd with acid but later it has been clear that she has been assaulted by her husband Mahesh. Upeksha’s face and chest area have been injured due to the assault.
    This incidence has occurred at their Nugegoda home on 15th night.

  2. Samson says:

    This can be just a rumor , who knows she may have been acting in a teledrama and people with out knowing spreading a rumor. She was so famous in no time and there are many people who jealous with her.

  3. Paba’s husband full name is Mahesh Chaminda Walawgama. It is reported that Paba has been planning to file divorce lately. Mahesh has ill treated her specially after her political decision at 18th amendment. All the problems has started with the big money they received from Government for changing the side.

  4. Shanya says:

    Paba has danced with a young guy on Valentine day night at Jaic Hilton hotel. This attack is a result of this. It is also said that there is some financial issue as well. Mahesh is requesting money for one of his investment in Bangkok and Paba has refused granting it.
    According to the same news source Paba has been married before and this is her second marriage. Source: LNW

  5. Shanya says:

    It is reported that Upeksha’s husband Mahesh Chaminda Walawgama has been arrested by the Sri Lanka police little while ago. Due to the assault Paba has got serious injuries to her face, specially to the eye.

  6. Shanya says:

    This is what latest news say;
    1. The young guy , Paba danced with on valentine night is fellow acter Saranga Disasekara
    2. Paba is being treated under supervision of Dr. Maheshi Wijerathna
    3. Upksha Swarnamali’s security officers has given evidence and it is said that assault has started in the car. Once home Upeksha has gone to her room and closed the doors. As it a private matter, security officers have not intervened. But later on they have called 911 when she was dragged on the floor.
    4. Still Mahesh Chaminda has not been arrested.

  7. Samson says:

    On suspicion that Paba’s security guards leaked the assault to media, Paba’s security officers have been changes. The former officers have been questioned by higher officials and blamed.

  8. Samson says:

    2010/02/20 : Paba (Upeksha Swarmali’s husband has surrendered to the Mirihana police. Mahesha Chaminda has accompanied his lawyer and parents to the police.

    Upeksha Swarnamali has also been discharged from the Jayawardanapura hospital.

  9. Admin says:

    I think there is a rumor that Paba got an acid attack. As an adminstrator of this site, we see lot of visitors landing on site to see whether “Paba was attacked with acid”. It is clear that Upeksha Swarnamali was physically assaulted by her husband and she got some injuries to her face. She has undergone a plastic surgery and she was present in the parliament on 2011-03-09 and delivered a speech about spousal abuse and home violence in Sri Lanka.
    It is also reported that Upeksha is going to get her divorce.

  10. Admin says:

    Date : 2011-07-07

    Upeksha Swarnamali has filed her divorce case in Colombo District Court. She has requested a compensation of Rs. 20 Million.

    Mahesh has been an ill tempered guy who has assaulted young actress on the immediate day after the wedding.

  11. Now Paba is giving advices to couples in TV. Yes Sri Lanka is the mitacle of asia.

  12. What is the latest about Upeksha’s divorce case ? Has she got the divorce ?

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