traveling with Sri Lanka passport from USA?

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I am not a citizens of USA. I am A citizens of Sri Lanka. I live as a residence of USA. Can I travel to Dubai from USA for a short vacation without getting permission from the embassy?

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  1. GerdP says:

    Based on your citizenship you will need to have a visa pre-arranged by a sponsor which could be your airline, a travel agency, or a hotel based in Dubai. Holders of normal passports and a copy of pre-arranged visa can obtain a visa on arrival. Pre-arranged visa must be deposited by the sponsor at the Immigration Authorities and can be issued for 96 hours, 14 or 30 days. ..

    I quote the information of the UAE Embassy in Washington D.C.:
    We recommend that you ask the sponsor (host) to process a visa from the UAE. This takes only 4 working days, then ask the Sponsor (host) to fax a copy of the visa to you before departure. The original visa will be waiting for you when you arrive at the UAE airport. This will save you time and effort and the need to apply at the Embassy.
    If non-US citizens apply through the Embassy, the processing time is much longer and involves interviews and approvals from UAE authorities ..

  2. Zafiro Diamante says:

    sure, go ahead.

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