Total cost for a kidney transplantation in Sri Lanka ?

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Please tell me the total cost for a kidney transplantation in Sri Lanka. I also need to know what is the government rule for Kidney transplantation in Sri Lanka.

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  1. Samson says:

    The cost for Kideny transplantation can vary and there is continous expenses.
    if you do not have a donor, you may have to pay some money to get a matching kidney. Some of the priests donate kidneys and you may have to spend some money to find a one.

    Kidney transplantation done in public hospitals totally free. There can be a long waiting list.

    I am not sure whether Jayawardanapura Hospital does this . You can check with them. If so the expenses will be half in comparson to private hospitals.

    Appolo hospital (Now lanka hospital) also does Kidney transplantation. you can get their pricing by just making a call to them.

    011 553 0000 and 011 543 0000

    Once the operation is done there is need for life long mendication to keep the Kidney with out rejecting by body. These are called immune suppresive therapy and require some regular expenses.

  2. aref ali khan says:

    I am a Dialysis Patient In India ….I Am Looking For Kidney Transplant In Sri Lanka

    1. rishi says:

      hi we are free minded to help you . kindly contact +94765902513

  3. CHETAN SHAH says:

    I am an Indian male 65, with kidney failure. I have a donor – non related, young Indian – with matching
    Blood & tissues. Please advice if its Possible to have the Transplant in Srilanka ? iF YES, WHERE, & WITH WHAT DOCUMENTS & OBLIGATIONS ? ALSO SUGGEST SOME CHEAPER oR budgeted ALTERNATES. PLEASE ADVICE IN DETAILS.


    Today at 12:26 AM
    Dear Dr. at Srilanka Hospital
    Thanks for your reply with necessary Guidance & Estimates.
    We are a Free N.G.O. to help the Kidney Patients, with limited resources, with More than 2000 Members, across Asia, with Name – “KIDNEY FOUNDATION’ at
    We need your Co operation & support, to extend Help / Support / Assistance to our so many Members – In Need of Kidney Transplant.
    Sure, Our Members can arrange & manage of their Own – DONORS, with matching Blood Group & Tissue Match, along with all the obligations & responsibilities.
    Since our Members are from Economically Budget & Limited Income Group, they May not be able to afford your Regular Transplant / Hospital / ICU / Treatment / Medicine Charges.
    We will like to humbly request, if you can have a kinder Look & human Approach with Noble Idea of regulerly providing KIDNEY TRANSPLANT SEleRVICES, at you Hospital at Affordable Rates Extending More Discount & Savings to the Patients.
    We will also appreciate if You can Provide the Detailed Break Up of Costing / Charges / Discounts & Need of Medicines, that remains Essential & the patient can bring with them from India, to save some Cost.
    Our Patients will have their own house to stay as gto save on Hospital Room rates Etc.
    We are you will appreciate our Humble Intiative, to have a long lasting exclusive relationship to Serve our members – Who need “kidney Transplant” at possible economical rates.
    Hope to receive your Encouraging & Inspiring Response to intiate a Noble & Kind Gesture, with Real attractive Rates / Discounts / Services.
    Regards……Thanking You
    Yours Sincerely

    Chetan C Shah
    Kidney Foundation
    Tel 0919969765707

  5. suresh sahu says:

    I am suffering from crf from since 1 year and 6 months and want to kidney transplant.

  6. Chthura says:

    we need O+ kidney for Chathura (23 years old poor boy) can you help us for that please

  7. rishi says:

    hi we are free minded to help you . kindly contact +94765902513

  8. Tania says:

    My father is a dialysis patient we have arrange dinner as well he need to do kidney transparent how much it will cost to do the operation in apology hospital can u inform me

  9. Tania says:

    Sorry it will be that we have arranged donner

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