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Your views about “Chaura Rajina – Bandit Queen” Book ?

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Add your views and comments about Victor Iven’s “Chaura Rajini” book here. I read this book for the first time when I saw this online. While I was reading the book I had many thoughts that I would like to share. So I am creating this question here for you to comment about the book and content of the book. I agree with most part of the Victor Iven’s book. At the same time I have share most of the ideas given in the book. One thing is that Mrs. Chandrika Bandaranayaka has failed to do any mega project in Sri lanka unlike other Sri Lankan presidents. I also agree that She is not the one who finish the terror and corruption in the country. Most of the facts given in the book is convincing and I would like to know your views about the book.

Export a car to Sri Lanka for my use ?

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I ma living in dubai for the last 13 years and I want to export a small car for my use in sri lanka? i want to know the procedures for this to export a car to sri lanka. Admin’s Note : There are many Sri Lankans who live and work overseas. Many of them wants to take their car when they are going back to Sri Lanka. There can be many reasons why Sri Lankans who work overseas want to export a car. I think the main reason is that the price of the cars being very high. So our friend may want to know whether there is any custom charges if a car is imported to Sri Lanka for personal use. The other reason I can think of it that Sri Lankan’s emotional bonding even with inanimate objects.

Impact of dull Sri Lankan wickets on ODI ranking ?

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Look at these pitches. Its so hard to make runs here. Plus toss is such a huge advantage. Why don’t these people leave more grass on the pitch and make them hard,so that there is more bounce and swing? Many wkts like mohali hav pace and bounce. But These pitches in sri lanka are so so dry. Like a 4th day pitch. It makes the game so slow and dull.

Sunil Perera Singing Nanda Malini\’s song at wedding ?

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Popular sri lankan singer Sunil Perera sang Nanda Malini’s song “Kap Suwahas kal” at Nadini Premadasa’s wedding. Nanda Malini was also an invitee in Nadini Premadasa’s wedding and she was the first to react to Sunil’s song with admiring clap before all the gathering joined her. I am looking for the video of this incidence and If found in public domains please post the link here.

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