Sunil Perera Singing Nanda Malini\’s song at wedding ?

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Popular sri lankan singer Sunil Perera sang Nanda Malini’s song “Kap Suwahas kal” at Nadini Premadasa’s wedding. Nanda Malini was also an invitee in Nadini Premadasa’s wedding and she was the first to react to Sunil’s song with admiring clap before all the gathering joined her.

I am looking for the video of this incidence and If found in public domains please post the link here.

One thought on “Sunil Perera Singing Nanda Malini\’s song at wedding ?”

  1. Shantha says:

    I also tried to find it out but failed. Anyway why Sunil Perera can not sing his owns. I do not think his voice suites for Nandakka’s songs.

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