Starting new business in travel and tourism

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I would like to start a new business in travel & tourism in sri lanka. but I don’t have that much experiences in this filed. I have a experience in Sales & marketing, management. so I was planing to start with these experiences. I don’t know how to start how & from where to start it. so please advice me to how to do it and give ideas.


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  1. Shantha says:

    A new business in travel and tourism field is a god choice considering Sri Lanka’s blooming economy after the war. As you do not have much experience in the field it will be risky to invest lot of money at the beginning.

    The other option is to team up with a person who know the filed. For example a chef will be able to handle the most of the day today things in the business while you will be able to concentrate on the management part.

  2. selven says:

    can i joint with u with investment

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