Sri Lankan Blind Astrologer With Super Mental Abilities

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This visually impaired astrologer, Indika Thotawatta, has super mental skills. In this video he shows two of his skills. In the first part of the video, he shows his ability to tell the day of any date in the past or future. He claims that he is using a formula to do this and it was given to him by an occult power: He is reluctant to give details of that occult power.

In the second part he ask the journalist to tell the details in the horoscope. Using that information he tells the birth day of the person. He is now becoming popular due to the recent media exposure by Wensa program and by Rivira News Papaer.

We will be publishing an article about him in our Lanka Help Magazine soon to answer your question as to how you can get his service.

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29 thoughts on “Sri Lankan Blind Astrologer With Super Mental Abilities”

  1. Yasapala Nanayakkara says:

    It is amazing.I experienced him. He must be representing the now fore gone intellectual community who are generally known -Rishis- the savants of the past. It must be the-Pragna- that he would have cultivated in his previous- bhawas- and now manifested today through his existence as a human. It is quite different from our way of getting knowledge and enhancing intellect through the currently known mechanism called-educaation, which is full of defects.

    1. malinda says:

      Dear Mr Yasapala, I need to meet Mr Indika personally. If you have his contact no or address pls let me know on urgent basis. Since im leaving Sri Lanka soon

      1. Tharanga says:

        Please i am badly need him to meet Mr Indika personally. If you have his contact no or address pls let me know please, I am now Australia back in August please my relationship have problem i really need Mr. Indika help.

  2. madara says:

    mage welaawa balala denna puluwanda obathumata?

    1. indi says:

      please send me his contact details.

  3. Charmini says:

    I need to contact this person for a personnel reading. please send me his contact details
    thank you

  4. haneef kitchil says:

    congragulations. your the best astrologer i have ever seen. their is no one who could beat you.

  5. Kanchana says:

    Can I have Indika thotawaththa’s contact number or Isiwara Arana Adress?

  6. kalani says:

    Pls can i have Mr. Indika’s contact details for a reading….

  7. S> Paranavidhana says:

    Can I please have an appointment with Mr. Indika Thotawatte. My son is in a grave situation and I want to help him to get out of it. He is a father of 2 children and the only income earner of the family. Please can you help me.

  8. Dilrukshi says:

    need to contact Mr. Indika for a personnel reading. please send me his contact details

  9. Dilakshi says:

    How can i get his contact or get an appointment to read my horoscope

  10. Ajith says:

    Could you please send me his contact number. Thank you.w

  11. kumari says:

    Could you please send me his contact number. very urgent pls…Thank you.

  12. kumari says:

    Could you please send me his contact number. very urgent pls,,,Thank you.

  13. kumari says:

    Could you please send me his contact number. Thank you.w

  14. Nilushi gamage says:

    How can i get his contact number or get an appointment to read my horoscope

  15. indi says:

    I need urgent help.please give me his appointment. or phone number

  16. Nishadhi says:

    Please can I have his contact number

  17. wasantha says:

    Can I have Mr. Thotawatta Number or address

  18. kalpani says:

    how can i get his contact no?

  19. dilanka says:

    Plz I need to meet the Mr. Indika Thotawaththa. Plz send his contact no.

  20. I just want to see astrologer Mr. Indika thotawatta personally to show my son’s horoscop and get some predictions.My 34years old newly married son is very keen about it. So that please gove me an oppotunity.

  21. Pradeep Chaminda Dharmasiri says:

    Dear sir
    I want to meet astrologer mr Indika Totawatta personally please let me know contact details & address

  22. nisansala says:

    pls send indika thotawaththa contact number

  23. Udaya says:

    Please be kind enough to send Mr.Indika’s contact number & address.

  24. Paul says:

    Can you please let me how to contact Mr. Indika Totawaththa
    for a personnel reading.

    Thank You very much

  25. U.T.Edirisinghe says:

    Please let me know Mr Indika Totawaththa’s contact number for my daughters horoscope reading.
    I am waiting for a reply.

    Thank You very much.

  26. Nushla says:


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