Sri Lanka People Immigrating to Canada Why do they want to Immigrate to Canada?

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Why do the people in Sri Lanka want to Immigrate to Canada ?

7 thoughts on “Sri Lanka People Immigrating to Canada Why do they want to Immigrate to Canada?”

  1. Samson says:

    It is a big mistake that Sri Lankan do. Canada has only the good infrastructure and democracy. These things are human controlled and Sri lankans can get them right if they have good leaders. Many of the Sri Lankans landed in Canada not happy. Specially Sri Lankan professionals are coming to Canada while thye can have much better life back in home. But the people who come to Canada and suffer but they never tell it to their friends and families back home. They just be a show off to them and give false information. Ultimately many skilled professionals land here and end up working in factories for minimum wages. Canada does not want professionals from other countries to work here in the same ranks. Thy want to see well educated foreign professionals to work for minimum wages. That is the reality.

  2. Curtis916 says:

    So they can get into the U.S. from Canada.

  3. lemin meinhoff says:

    why not? canada’s a good country. the government pays for your healthcare and education. although unemplyment is higher there.

  4. Lilah says:

    they’re smart (to not come to america. crappy healthcare, economy and human rights are going down the drain.)

  5. xenypoo says:

    Because America won’t take them. Canada is the closest they’ll ever get to USA, now. But I have no doubt after 30 or so more years, theyll be picketing at the White House claiming they have the free right to move into Northern USA, because Canada used to be part of it, just like the Illegals across the southern border in Mexico do now. I guess there will be enough room in the mid-west to live for the rest of us that are neither Mexican, or from OLD Sri Lanka, one or both of those groups worship cows, so they won’t be there to take up what little land is left for us who once called ourselves American’s.

  6. Thushara S says:

    Sri lankan people think that european countries are better place to live. So they migrate.

  7. gabby jon says:

    Sri Lankans came to Canada fleeing from war and for safety
    Now they come for freedom human rights and because Canada accepts the most of the crowd into Canada

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