Sri Lanka – does it get cooler at night?

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I am going to Sri Lanka for 2 months starting from the end of January.
I have been told it will be very hot at this time, but will I need to take hoodies/cardies for the evening or will it stay warm?

Any answers appreciated, 10 points for best answer.

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  1. Globe Trotter says:

    Sri lanka is a country with varying climates in all places basically it has tropical climate and depends where you are staying so better look up this page for detail year round weather conditions .

  2. Bradwast88 says:

    I am a Sri lankan and it will be somewhat cool(27-30C)in december-jan months and in feb it will be somewhat hot (30-34C).And except middle of the country in other areas the temperature is not varying substantially(27-34C).I don’t know what you feel about hot or cold.For us below 30C is cold and above 32Cis hot.
    Thanks, hope you will enjoy the journey.

  3. candyflossgirl35 says:

    It depends on which part of the country you will be staying. If its Kandy( central part of SL) then yes you will need to take hoodies and stuff because it does get pretty cold.Sometimes it goes down to about 13/12 degrees celcius.
    But if you are going to be staying in any other part of the island(colombo etc) then there is no need to pack hoodies and long sleeved stuff because its pretty sunny and warm. Make sure you bring sunscreen,a hat,sunglasses and stuff like that.At night also it doesnt get that cold. Eventhough it gets warm you dont actually FEEL it much because there are lots of trees and wind too.
    BUt right now its raining in SL and at night it gets a little cold.that of course is bearable. 🙂

    Enjoy ur stay!

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