Soya Diyaw Original Song and Bhashi’s Performance

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There are many songs that became popular due to extraordinary performance by contestants in the reality show. Arguable Shihan Mihiranaga made Rukantha’s “As deka piyana” popular in Sirasa Super Star Season 1. M.G.Danushka was able to do the same with his song in Derna Dream Star final.

I think Bhashi Madubhashini added a new colour to Pradeepa Dharmadasa’s song “soya diyaw”. Here is the soya diyaw original song by Pradeepa Darmadasa.

Here is how Bhashi Madubhashini performed in Sirasa Super Star seasaon 7.

let us know what you opinion about this song and two performance in the comment box below.

One thought on “Soya Diyaw Original Song and Bhashi’s Performance”

  1. Sadamali says:

    I love Bhashi’s style. I feel she highlighted the song with her colours and thanks to her, we enjoy this song which we never heard before ( I mean myself and my parents).
    I wish her all the best! Hola!

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