Some literary terms in Summer Solstice, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka?

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Summer Solstice, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka is a poem by Marliyn Krysl. I was wondering if there are any literary devices in it.

Thanks in advance 🙂

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  1. Milieu says:

    Post the poem?

  2. This is some review I found in the Internet:

    Summer Solstice, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka The poem, “Summer Solstice, batticoloa, Sri lanka” by Marilyn Krysl talks about a soldiers emotions. It is merely a portrayal of his feelings on war. This poem opposes the very common perception which most of the people have towards soldiers that they love to fight. In fact it shows the other side of a soldier, how he dislikes fighting and longs to have peace in his life. In the poem the poet makes use of first person narrative. This helps him a great deal as it makes the soldiers long for peace extremely potent and highly strong. Through the poem the poet basically tries to convey the message that a soldier has to fight only to earn a living and not because he derives some personal pleasure from it. The poet in the poem makes use of nature to bring out the soldier’s emotions and feelings.

  3. I found the summer solstice poem in the internet and i am posting it here for your information.

    The war had turned inward until it resembled
    suicide. The only soothing thing was water.
    I passed the sentries, followed the surf out of sight.
    I would sink into the elements, become simple.

    Surf sounds like erasure, over and over.
    I lay down and let go, the way you trust an animal.
    When I opened my eyes, all down the strand
    small crabs, the bright yellow of a crayon,

    had come out onto the sand. Their numbers, scattered,
    resembled the galactic spill and volume of the stars.
    I, who had lain down alone, emptied,
    waked at the center of ten thousand prayers.

    Who would refuse such attention. I let it sweeten me
    back into the universe. I was alive, in the midst

    of great loving, which is all I’ve ever wanted.
    The soldiers of both sides probably wanted just this.

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