small wedding venue in Sri Lanka please?

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We want to get married in Sri Lanka, no guests, no big fuss, no big resort, just somewhere nice, different, simple, not too expensive. Dont want a package or a wedding organiser, we’ll book flights independently and get ourselves there, we just want a private nice place away from most of the other tourists and not in a hugh concrete chain hotel – but preferably with ayurvedic treatments and mediation.. Thanks.

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  1. Rebekah Fraiser says:

    It sounds like a small spa is going to be your best bet. This site has several options.…

    You might also find this site very helpful.…
    The left side column lists many hotels and spas and there is also a list at the bottom of this page.

    This link includes places that specifically offer the treatments that you are looking for. Some of these will be bigger hotels, but there are probably several small ones that are just what you are looking for…

    I should also mention a warning that I found on another website. It is probably best to stay in the southern part of Sri Lanka because of the violence in the north. I would advise you to research that further and get advice from the government (both of your country as well as Sri Lanka) before you travel there.

    Traveling all the way to Sri Lanka for your wedding could be expensive. You’re very wise to steer clear of wedding organizers and big chain hotels. If you’re looking for other ways to save a little money on your wedding, check out

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