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Good day,

i am a srilankan residing in Dubai for the last few years.
my brother has become sick, he is suffering from mild Paranoid schizophrenia, Persecutory delusions (he thinks he is being watched, people are stealing his thoughts, Random people around him are laughing and observng him)i am not able to go visit him very often as my job does not permit this.

Do you know a really good psychiatrist who can help my brother out. i sent him abroad to see a good doctor, he was fine, until yesterday, and the symptoms are getting worse. im sure theres a real good doctor in srilanka.

thanks in advance

y a a d a v . s h i v a (at) y a h o o . c o m

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  1. Extremely sorry about your brothers situation. Yes there are many good psychiatrist in Sri Lanka and they do have more than two years of foreign experience (UK or Australia) at least.
    If your brother live in Colombo there are many psychiatrist practicing in and around Colombo. Following are the good very good psychiatrists in my opinion.
    1. Prof.(Mrs) S.T. Kathriarachchi – She is the head of department of Psychiatry in Jayawardanapura Medical Faculty. She is available in the Kalubowila hospital for public sector patients. She does the private channeling in many of Colombo private hospitals and If I remember right she comes to Durdans hospital as well.

    2. Prof. Nalaka Mendis – He was the department of Psychiatry head ,in the colombo medical faculty for long time. He does private consultation at his residence in Narahenpita area. He is not well these days and must have cut down the practice.

    3. Dr. Harishchandra Gambeera – Very famous psychiatrist. Work in Mental Hospital of Angoda and does private practice in Colombo. Private consultation would be possible at private hospitals in Colombo like Asiri Hospital, Central hospital, Durdans Hospital, etc.

    4. Dr. Raveen Hanwella – Senior lecturer in Colombo medical faculty. He is the current head of department of psychiatry in COlombo medical faculty.

    5. Prof. Diyanath Samarasinghe – Well known psychiatry professor of Colombo Medical faculty.

    6. Prof. Hemamali Perera – A lecturer in Colombo Medical faculty and Specialized in Child psychiatry.

    7. Dr. Harishchandra is a very famous psychiatrist in Galle area.

    8. Following Psychiatrist are attached to Ragama (North Colombo ) Medical faculty and does private practice in Ragama and Colombo and Gampaha.
    – Prof. K.A.L.A. Kuruppuarachchi – head of department, Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya
    – Dr. Shehan Williams
    – Dr. Aruni Hapangama

    9. Dr. Usha Gunawardana – Retired from long service in Government sector and now does private practice in Colombo private hospitals like Durdans colombo.

    There are many doctors who are consultants of Angoda mental hospital and they do private practice in Colombo.

    If your brother live out of Colombo he can consult a Psychiatrist from the General Hospital of the district. Every District has a general hospital and they conduct a Psychiatry clinic. Psychiatrists of these hospitals do private practice / Channeling service in the near by Private hospitals. For example if Living in Kalutara, he can go to the psychiatry clinic in Kalutara General Hospital on Every Friday from 8.00 am to 1 p.m and Monday and Tuesday from 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm. The Psychiatrist of the Kalutara General Hospital does private practice in Philip Private Hospital of Kalutara.

    If your brother need long term community care Sahanaya National council of Mental Health offers this service. Sahanaya is situated in Colombo 08. Following is the contact details. No. 96/20, Kitulwatta Road,
    Colombo – 08.
    Sri Lanka
    Tel: +94 112 685 960
    Tel: +94 115 350 819

    Hope this answer help. If you need specific information please feel free to ask.


    1. Lakmal Perera says:

      I am in the same situation as the original poster (Brenda M). My issue is how to I convince my brother to visit a doctor with me ?

      He feels he is perfectly fine, and he refuses to attend a session with anyone.

      Please help me, I dont want my brothers life ruined.

      Thank you


    2. nayani perera says:

      Do not ever go to this old, crippled man named Harishchanda Gambera> he is useless. Insults people. Not sensitive. Grandiose. Thinks he is above all. In short, he is a SOB. You know the meaning of this abbreviation. Your illness will surely aggravated by this man’s shit mouth.

  2. anjali pathirana says:

    why don’t my question post

  3. Admin says:

    Mahesh Rajasuriya
    Jayananda Horandugoda

    are also good psychiatrist practicing in Colombo.

  4. Shara says:

    Please help me having a major problem with my thinking patterns and that causes alot of damage to my life.i really need now my husband has had enough living with this situation of mine.please help me

    1. nayani perera says:

      Dear Shara. I understand your problem. My elder sister had a similar problem and she’s now completely cured. She first went to a man called Gambeera Harishchanda.. He is useless. He insulted both my sister and her husband (I would have taken legal actions against that SOB, if I was in UK). Then I took her to a good decent Dr called Dr. Kapila Ranasinghe. He’s good, but it’s difficult to catch him as there’s a huge demand for consultations. Then my sister was in Kurunegala with her family for sometime, and heard about a young psychiatrist named Dr. Anuradha Allepola. He did a very decent job. There was no rush, he took lots of time with my sister and made a good diagnose. With his drugs and just once a month consultation, my sister is doing fantastically well. I also heard about a good psychiatrist named Dr. Heshan Wiliams. He sounds to be good too. Wish you good health.

  5. praba says:

    Not all mental illnesses are cause by brain dysfuction

    psychiatry is half blind

    Myself is a victim of mystery mental disorder i undergone many treatments to no avail for 20 years. so i did my own investigation so I’ve learn something which is about inner self of my mind.i simply can’t elaborate it to a psychiatrist who got one eye blinded by contemporary psychiatry.therefore nobody believes my definition of mind which is the universal i am comfortable explaining it here i go mind has two sides in order to function 100% well.

    Here is my modern analogy.for eg: let’s take a computer what it needs to make it work properly?computer has a hardware side and a software side .from our expireance PC’s tend to get slower as we work with it, by running various applications especially if we install/unstall apps. which cause file fragmentation in the hardisk and some apps will reside in memory which make CPU threads to become overloaded with junk apps and the mind of the pc become ill.if there are viruses in memory then it become possesed .what about hardware failures.hardware is a platform where apps do both hardware and software issues can make pc i am not going to explain about pc hardware which is not the objective here.

    Now lets talk about human mind.human mind also has physical hardware and intangible software we call it soul.but unlike PC’s they were made by mother we don’t know how our brain & soul do handshaking with each other to make our mind 100% healthy.

    Unlike computers.what we do when we develop mental illness due to overloaded & fragmented soul(which is the software of mind)in most cases we take pills,injection & electric shocks.we only treat to our hardware brain but not to the soul part of our this case patient is lucky if illness is cased by only physical brain.what if underlying reason is fragmented many cases (like in PC’s)soul is the root cause of many mental disorders.
    i say What ever the case may be giving priority to soul part of our mind has profound effect on patients early recovery.

    also like in computers most mental disorders are caused by soul part of our mind sadly thats the only thing we ignore.why…….because unlike computers mind is not made by computers
    if we suspect hardware fault we can replace whole thing and see if fault goes away if it is then fault is hardware same goes for software faults.but in our mind we cant do that so we only treat physical brain.

    little more about computers.we do resets or reboots if our PC’s get stuck or become unresponsive this can work right? Can we reset or reboot our unresponsive mind? I say yes how ? trained people do is called hitmataizing.we can clear the fragmentation of our soul in some extent by doing it. like in PC’s it will not work very well for every pc what we do if reset & reboot wont work due to severe software fragmentation.then we do low level formating,partitioning & re installation of apps right? this will fix all the software faults.

    If patients soul is severely fragmented hitmstizing wont help.can we do reformatting,repartitioning,re installation of soul modern psychiatry cant do it.i dont think neither physician nor anyone from medical field can do it.there could be some healers or psychics with higher state of mind may do it.this is just a key for unlocking the remember mental disorders are caused by both brain & soul.if we can id which cause which then mental disorders are effectively treatable. Old psychiatry is gone we should develop parapsychiatry.

    i am here providing some web links which are relevant to the above comments . These are all about spiritual side of our mind-(parapsychiatry)-please read or send it to relevant personal thanks.

  6. Ahamed says:

    I have major problems on my thinking, study and attitude. So pls i need good psychiatrist in tamil language. I am in colombo.

  7. Shainee says:

    I am a foreign student currently residing in colombo. I feel like my life is spiraling down and I would like to talk to a professional about it.
    I would much rather go to a private practitioner and I was wondering how much it would cost approximately.
    Also if you could recommend any good psychiatrists in the area it would be of great help.
    Thank you

  8. Sewvandi says:

    Does anybody know about Dr. Sandhya?
    I was heard that she is one of the best psychiatrists.
    I wanna find her pvt contatct no.
    someone help me plz…

  9. ramesh says:

    I need a good psychiatrics related to sex pz

  10. Malik says:

    Hai , I’m using psychiatrist drugs called lithosun sr and venlift 25 mg for last four years . The reason for me to under go , depression and some incidents I cannot forget during my childhood . Now I’m 40 . But when I loom back the real problem is thinking pattern . those who suffer from any difficulty please don’t go to the docter on the first move . yu may talk to your best loved one meditation and surrender your self to god . And things will change one day . You will get better .

    Now I come to my point . These drugs in psychiatrics affect your thinking pattern and total hormon system in your body . Now I want to quit from this drugs but I cannot . Even if I don’t Take it for one day I feel like dead fish. . I consult the docters they keep changing the drugs . And they tell me rouse life long . Anyone have good advise to share with me regards to quoting these drugs .

    1. A well wisher says:

      Dear Malik,

      I assume your two drugs are lithium and venlafaxine. I, too, was prescribed these drugs at various times. Doctors kept changing my medication too, over several years. They certainly helped while I took them. But, like you, I came to the realization that the problem is one of my own attitude to life, or my ‘thinking patterns’.

      It’s great that you mention meditation and surrender. I’ve also had a difficult childhood, and this has affected my mentality in many ways. Yet, as suggested by my psychologist Dr. Shanez Fernando (I highly recommend her by the way), I started to explore a more spiritual approach. This has helped me take a fresh look at my thought patterns that caused me to become so unhappy. As a result, I haven’t needed medication in over 4 years, and I haven’t needed to attend any other kind of formal therapy either.

      If you wish to tail-off the drugs and stop them, I’d still suggest you speak to a qualified psychiatrist on how to do so. You could also discuss it with someone like Dr. Shanez (who is a psychologist, not a psychiatrist), who is sympathetic to such situations. It’s dangerous to stop these arbitrarily. I can tell you this because, in addition to being an ex-patient, I’m also medically trained. However, I agree with you that most psychiatrists don’t have a holistic approach, that they don’t look at the big picture. Shanez is the only exception I can think of.

      Since you’re interested in exploring a more spiritual lifestyle, might I suggest this 5 part series.
      Although the ‘quantum physics’ angle may freak some people out, the presentations have been made so that even an average Joe could understand. It might help you develop your understanding that all our problems are really a product of our own imaginations.

      Also, you could try listening to Byron Katie on You Tube. She has a simple, practical method of helping people challenge their problematic thoughts.

      Wish you the best, brother. If you have any more questions, please write back through this portal. I will check from time to time.

      1. Annie says:

        Does Dr. Shanez treat OCD patients as well ?

        1. A well wisher says:

          Yes, she does. Good luck..

  11. Help needed says:

    Hi! I hope someone could help me.

    My brother went through a severe break-up and is suffering now. He feels that he needs a girl to move forward and he can’t focus on anything.

    I feel that he should be giving counselling and treatments under a psychiatrist.

    Could someone suggest me a good counsellor cum a psychiatrist for this situation.

    Many thanks…

    1. A well wisher says:

      Break-ups are a normal part of life, however painful they may be. Don’t go straight for medication. Don’t meet a psychiatrist to begin with. First meet a psychologist and ask them to assess your brother. There are several psychologists and counselors who have been recommended on this website. Shanez Fernando, Piyanjali de Zoysa and Chrishara Paranawithana are a few. I know the first two, and they’re both good.

  12. Heshan says:


  13. Dulan de Silva says:


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