Plastic surgery in Sri Lanka?

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I want to find out as to how one can get a plastic surgery done in Sri Lanka. Does government hospitals provide facilities for plastic surgery? Who are the best plastic surgeons in Sri Lanka? What are the private hospitals that have plastic surgeons and roughly how much the cost ( for a nasal septum correction?)

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  1. Yes there are plastic surgery facility in Sri Lanka. Government hospitals provide medically needed plastic surgeries free of charge. For example if someone has a deviated nose bone (Nasal septum) giving rise to difficulty in breathing, it will be done free of charge. But If some one is concerned about the shape of the nose but does not have any medical problem, it will not be entertained to be done free.
    Private hospitals has channeling services for plastic surgeons. I remember one good plastic surgeons name, Dr. Romesh Gunathilaka. If you need any surgery it can be done in a private hospital and you will be charged for the procedures.
    National Hospital of Sri Lanka (AKA Colombo General Hospital) provides plastic surgeries and they have few wards. National Hospital burnt patient unit also headed by a consultant plastic surgeon.
    The cost for plastic surgery depend on the procedure and many other factors. I am sorry I can not guess an amount.

  2. Admin says:

    Dr. Dammika Disanayaka is a very good and kind plastic surgeon. He see patients at national Hospital and in private hospitals.

  3. Admin says:

    Below are few famous plastic surgeons in Sri lanka.
    Dr. Thushan Benaragama
    Dr. Dulip Perera
    Dr. Kolitha Karunadasa
    Dr. Wijemanna
    Dr. Lalantha Amarasinghe
    Dr. Dammika Disanayaka

    The cost for plastic surgeries include hospital charges and doctor charges. Hospital charge is determined by the room and other non medical facilities used, operation theatre time (Per hour charge), clinical materials used (gloves, sutures, tools, needles, etc) and medicines used.

    Generally cost for plastic surgeries are high. Doctor charge can vary and it depend on many factors and there is no regulation on that in Sri Lanka.

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