Photos – Kosgama Salawa Army Camp Explosion

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A firearm storage in Kosgama Salawa army camp occurred on June 05, 2016. The camp had been started sometime back in 1993 and it has become a residential area. It had been used to store the Sri Lankan army weaponries bought mainly during the war time.

There has been an ignition due to a still unknown reason in the camp leading to a total destruction of the camp and colossal damages to the houses and other properties around the camp.

Due to the timely decision to evacuate the residents of the area, the authorities was able to minimize the damages to human lives.

here are a collection of photos shared in facebook. The copy rights goes to original photographers.

Photo after Salawa army camp fire Sri Lanka disaster Kosgama army camp fire aftermath Kosgama army camp disaster Kosgama army camp destruction Kosgama, Salawa Kosgama salawa army camp explosion Kosgama army camp damage Kosgama army camp after fire Kosgama army camp fire Destruction from Army camp explosion Distruction after Kosgama explosion fire due to army camp explosion Injured man from Kosgama Salawa army camp fire Kosgada Salawa army camp Damage following army camp fire in Kosgama Damage to Hospital from army camp fire Damage to hospital a damage house from army camp explosion Army camp fire explosion Artilaries in Kosgama, Salawa damage due to salawa camp explosion damages to houses due to Kosgama fire


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