Need Advice on propagating Corals

Hamish DJ . Posted in Environment 1010 2 Comments

I need some advise on propergating corals out of the sea in a comercial way in sri lanka. we will be starting up a project and require some assistance.

2 thoughts on “Need Advice on propagating Corals”

  1. Robert O says:

    You would have to cure it 1st try to use a quarintine tank for several weeks then you might want to make ssure you have a coral life power compact light source

  2. Mars Hill says:

    Anthony Calfo has a few good books on the subject of coral propagation. also has some good information on their website, just make sure you are collecting the corals LEGALLY.

    Coral propagation is a great way to preserve our reefs, but illegal coral mining has caused much damage to the coral reef ecosystem in the Indian Ocean. This impacts the food supply for local inhabitants, and the local economy for the fishing, aquarium, and tourist industries.


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