My Question : Who is the richest man in Sri lanka ?

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I would be thankful if you anybody tell who is the richest man in Sri Lanka.

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  1. Samson says:

    In Sri Lanka there is no documentation of most of the transactions. There are people who do gem business with cash. They buy a gem in the morning for Rs. 100000 and sell it in the evening for Rs. 500000. No one knows how much they earn.

    But there are popular businessman in the country who are believed to be the richest people. (But I do not believe, I think it is politicians and some businessmen who are the richest. These businessmen are the people who are engaged in non documented business. Eg. Drug trafficking, Gem Business).

    But if we consider the big business ownership following are few fab businessmen in Sri Lanka.
    1. Harry Jayawardana – owns several companies. main income from Sri Lanka insurance and Sri Lanka distilleries. He is a share holder of many leading businesses in Sri Lanka.
    2. Dammika Perera – Owns Casinos and share holder of many other businesses (Eg. LB Finance, Hayleys)
    3. Dr. Nihal Jinasena – Jinasena and Company owner. Share holder of many big organizations.
    4. Hemaka Amarasuriya

    As long as we do not have a good monitoring system and banking system in the country , we will not know who is the actual richest person is.

  2. Krishantha says:

    I agree with Samson.
    I think business tycoon Harry Jayawardana can be accepted as the richest person in Sri Lanka considering the share holdings.

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